Syria Crisis Appeal

It’s been three years since Syria erupted into civil war 
and millions of refugees started rushing into neighbouring countries for safety.
Thanks to your compassionate heart and quick response – 
our partners have been working to ensure refugees have been able 
to survive the freezing winters.


When a disaster hits, TEAR Fund responds as part of the Integral Alliance – a group of Christian agencies who work together to be more efficient, fast and effective by pooling our resources. Because we responded so quickly and had partners ready to go on the ground, we were able to get funding from the NZ government. They matched every single dollar that was donated and your donation was doubled!


“We had a house in Syria but we don’t know what’s happened to it or even if it still stands. We fled with just our clothes. When we first came to this place we had nothing, just a candle to give us light. We were sleeping on cardboard on top of the concrete floor. The roof was leaking  and it was cold. Just opening the door would bring in water. The tin roof was so loud when it rained that we couldn’t sleep. It was so cold and wet. We had some gold jewellery and I sold it all. Mostly to pay for the rent because the landlord was going to kick us out. At one time he was going to send us out onto the streets in the middle of the night. My wife would use her cardigan as a blanket for our three children, cradling them as they slept to try and keep them warm.”

Your donation came at just the right time for families like Alia's.

“I met a man called Brother Charbel who is the director of a community outreach centre helping Syrian refugees thanks to funding from TEAR Fund New Zealand. Him and his wife made an appointment to visit us in our home and that evening he returned bringing blankets and mattresses, diapers for our 18 month old son, and plastic sheeting to cover the open window and to seal the holes in the roof. He has become like a member of our family. When he can he even helps us with our rent and with more diapers. The ministry helps many other families just like us and we are so thankful. Just tell the people who are giving the funding that it is not for nothing. We are so thankful. I want to thank all of them. Pray for us that we will be able to return to our country.”

With your help, our partners are continuing to act as a lifeline for many refugees in the neighbouring countries Lebanon, Jordan and North Iraq.

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TEAR Fund is responding to this disaster as a member of the Integral Alliance.




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